Blesta is a new and exciting billing/support software for web hosting providers. Since release it's grown in popularity thanks to how light-weight and feature specific the software is and the high focus given to security.

Below listed a collection of HTML5 web hosting templates that also come with optional Blesta integration. This setup allows you to have your main website using HTML pages and have Blesta in a sub-directory with a clean and professional integration. Also Blesta templates are professionally designed and come with reliable support.

Fusion - Responsive

Perspective - Responsive

Prosper - Responsive

Horizon - Responsive

Galaxy - Responsive

Universe - Responsive

Vortex - Responsive

Orbit - Responsive

Eco Net - Responsive

Supreme Host - Responsive

Slick Host - Responsive

Blesta templates features:

  • Responsive & fluid - all of these templates are responsive meaning they respond to support any device used to view them. For example if your visitor uses a desktop computer they will see the full-size version of the template. If they view it with a mobile device the template will automatically "respond" to the size of that device allowing your website to support all devices. All templates are also fluid so rather than using breakpoints at common sizes of devices (e.g 320px for the iPhone) they use percentage values and respond when needed. This means your the template will support new unreleased devices no matter which size screen they have.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 - all templates use the latest web technologies including HTML5 & CSS3
  • Blesta integration - all templates come with a optional matching integration for Blesta. This allows your main website to be static HTML (e.g while benefiting from the functionality of Blesta in a separate directory (e.g where the design is integrated perfectly.
  • Optimized code - the code have been written by us from scratch and is highly optimized for speed and is indented which makes editing much easier
  • Search engine optimized - we've followed the best practises for search engine optimization including correct HTML structure, use of heading tags, page title, meta description & meta tags
  • Pricing tables - our templates include our own custom responsive pricing tables which allow 1-6 columns
  • Lots of useful elements - we've included multiple custom made elements including pricing tables, feature boxes, login boxes, data tables, buttons, feature grids & domain checker. All of these elements are responsive and integrate perfectly with the template out of the box.
  • Fully customizable - with HTML/CSS/Photoshop experience all templates are fully customizable whether you want to edit the text or completely change the elements it is possible
  • Javascript fallback - our templates use as little Javascript as possible. Where Javascript has to be used used such as the slideshow it will automatically degrade if Javascript is turned off
  • Social integration - we have professionally integrated Facebook, Twitter & Google+ with all templates
  • Wide browser support - all templates support most modern browsers/devices and Internet Explorer version 8+
  • Support - we provide support by email, support tickets and on our community forum if required